Previous Next Hofbrau2 Hofbrau Hofbrau, 1950s, (7’x6’x1’), Gift of Rick Mitchell, 2004   Of all of MONA’s animated neon signs, The Hofbrau from Oakland, California is among its most complex. The tubes are almost all original to the sign and intricately bent in layer upon layer. Imagine the animation as our friendly, blond and blue-eyed…

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El Gordo Mexican Restaurant

Previous Next El Gordo2 El Gordo Alhambra large file El_Gordo_Jim-Dahlia El Gordo, 1950s, (9’x20’x1’), Gift of Camarena Contractors, Inc., 2001 The home of famous “Beeg Theek Steaks,” the El Gordo restaurant sign is one of America’s many mid-century, slightly offensive, racial-stereotype-promoting neon signs. A Mexican man is featured between two saguaro cacti and atop a…

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